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Stem Cell Therapy
Chronic graft-versus-host disease
Disease Overview
중등증-중증 아토피 피부염

Transplanted mature T lymphocytes recognize the patient's cells as non-self.
Diseases caused by attacking target organs

  • Intractable rare disease caused by immune rejection after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • It usually occurs 4-6 months after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, and it is a disease with a high mortality rate after the onset.
  • The most commonly invaded site is the skin (80%) or the body appears in various forms of autoimmune disease.
  • Main clinical features
    - Skin: erythema, dryness, nodules, inflamed skin, etc.
    - Toenails: onycholysis, etc.
    - Mouth: dryness, gingivitis, dental caries, etc.
    - Eyes: dryness, burning sensation, glare, decreased tear production, etc.
    - Liver: liver dysfunction
    - Lungs: cough, shortness of breath, bronchitis, etc.
    - Genitals: dryness, uterine stenosis, atrophy during reproduction
    - Serous: pleurisy, pericarditis
Designated as an orphan drug in the 23rd development stage in Korea by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (2019.04)
Phase 2 clinical design

Primary endpoint : overall response rate at 12 weeks
(Overall Response Rate, ORR)

  • Indication
    Steroid refractory or dependence

    Chronic graft-versus-host disease

  • Number of patients
    84 people

    Cohort 1: 42 subjects in the test group
    Cohort 2: 42 subjects in the test group

  • Dosing regimen
    2 weeks intervals / 3 times

    SCM - CGH : 1.0 X 106 cells/kg

  • Design
    multicenter, placebo-controlled, double-blind
clinical trial institution
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고
  • 임상시험 기관 로고