For a better future SCM Lifescience will do its best
SCM Lifescience Inc. CEO Byung-Kwan Son inauguration speech


I am Byung-Kwan Son, the 4th CEO of SCM Lifescience Inc.


When SCM Lifescience offered to serve as the CEO, I was very saddened by the news of the founder Sun-Uk Song’s death, but I remember resolutely rejecting it.

Due to my age and my experience of working only in universities and hospitals, I had 'fear' in my heart, and it was not easy to get an offer.

But I accepted the situation and tried to find out what I had to do there. My conclusion was that ‘the desire of the late founder, Dr. Sun-Uk Song, must be supported, and that dream must be realized by someone.

After confirming his boundless love for the underprivileged, the will to help them, the specific research and business preparations to achieve it, and the insight he took with a global approach, I even felt a sense of duty to do it.

In the past, as the director of the Clinical Medicine Research Center at Inha University Hospital, I had closely watched the will of the late founder Soon-Uk Song, worked together to promote the original technology, the 'Subfractionation Culturing Method', and was one of the people who occasionally discussed the company's business. I thought this was my strength, so I joined SCM Lifescience with the mindset that I would do my best.

This is the Vision and Value that the late founder Sun-Uk Song had.

Development of treatments for intractable diseases that cannot be treated with current treatments

· Providing new life and hope to patients with intractable diseases

· Providing new life and hope to patients with intractable diseases

· A company specializing in the development of five global cell therapy products

· Realization of profits for SCM Lifescience shareholders

I really want to create a company that fulfills social responsibility through the development of treatments for incurable diseases.

But I'm aware that I'm not good enough to accomplish these things. Therefore, I am very aware of the importance of the employees of SCM Lifescience and the need for their help.

When asked about a rewarding experience working at our company, one employee said, 'I have realized how to sincerely work at our company, and I am working with satisfaction.' Furthermore, I was able to confirm that all our employees have an atmosphere where they can take on a challenge again with a new mind after the founder's death.

And I was able to feel a lot of things while watching the staff meticulously and accurately performing administrative tasks related to me.

I have confirmed our mindset in the following situations; The appearance of executives dealing with the three aggressive shareholders in front of the meeting hall after the extraordinary general meeting, and An explanation and persuasion that positively changed the minds of shareholders expressing their dissatisfaction and demands for the company on the Internet. (Actually, one shareholder who had an uncomfortable relationship said, ‘Now we have confirmed the sincerity of our company’) With this mindset, like the trees in the redwood forest, if we can all unite together, help the weak colleagues and grow together, we can achieve the dream of the founder and further develop the community as well as create national wealth.

We can do it.

This is because the founder has laid all the foundations and plans for global competitiveness by securing source technology and patents based on the idea that the founder is a 'GOD’s company' and future-oriented insight.

After the unfortunate accident, we were a little hesitant, but if we all unite together with the heart to try again, we will do our best, believing that that dream will come true.

As a doctor for over 45 years, I have spent a lot of time in management positions.

While working in managerial positions at hospitals, research institutes, universities, and academic societies, what I have always kept in my mind and practiced is 'A manager is not a person who directs, but a person who supports and protects the experts so that they can demonstrate their expertise well'.

At SCM Lifescience, which has more experts than any other company, I will work with the same mind.

I don't know if it still exists, but the lyrics of 'Escape from Glory', which has been used for a long time as the signal music of 'The Weekend's Masterpiece' that aired on TV, include the following:

“Even though I am a powerless human being, if you are by my side, with God’s help, we can make this earth ours.” 

As the founder has always told me, as God's company, let's make SCM Lifescience an endless 'storehouse of help' for all who are struggling. I will do my best.

Thank you.

SCM Life Sciences Inc. CEO Byung-Kwan Son