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[Open Innovation] Participated in Korea Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting ‘KSSCR 2022’ SCM Lifescience

For two days from August 11th to 12th, SCM Lifescience Inc. participated in the ‘Korea Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting (KSSCR 2022)’

hosted by the Korea Society for Stem Cell Research and presented sessions and networking activities.

Managing Director Seok-Jo Kim of the Research & Business Innovative Development Division (hereinafter referred to as the Innovation Division) participated as a presenter in the section ‘Special Highlight Session Ⅱ’ on August 12 and gave a presentation under the theme ‘Translating Research from the Lab industry’. In the presentation, the presenter introduced basic research on mesenchymal stem cells and the application of treatment for intractable diseases and introduced the source technology and research of SCM Life Science, such as the original technology of SCM Life Science and the current pipeline MoA (Mechanism of Action).

After the presentation, the participants improved their understanding of our research and pipeline, and we can confirm that there is a high level of interest in our original technology, the Subfractionation Culturing Method. Through the Q&A, it was confirmed once again that confirming the correlation between non-clinical data and clinical data is an important part of verifying our technology.

In addition, through networking activities with researchers who participated in the field, we confirmed the current trends in Korean stem cell research and treatment, as well as issues to be solved; Issues that created high barriers to stem cell therapy development after the enforcement of the Advanced Regenerative Medical Bio Act, difficulties in preparing for clinical trials in medical schools, difficulties in setting MoA, etc.

SCM Lifescience Innovation Division was able to confirm the high level of interest in the development of our original technology and treatment by participating in the KSSCR 2022 field and found the information to help plan the next research and clinical pipeline.

SCM Lifescience Innovation Division will continue to participate in many academic events in the future to promote the superiority of SCM Lifescience's original technology.