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SCM Life Science “Results of phase 2 acute pancreatitis and atopic dermatitis expected next year”

"Next year is a year to prepare for the release of treatments in 2023. Based on the results of phase 2 clinical trials in progress, we will demonstrate the excellence of the technology."


Sun Uk Song, CEO of SCM Life Science, said at the 2021 Korea Bio Investment Conference (KBIC 2021) on the 6th, "We plan to announce two clinical results next year."


SCM Life Science is a company specializing in developing cell therapy drugs established in July 2014. It was listed on the KOSDAQ market in June last year. It has its own core source technology, the Subfractionation Culturing Method. It is a technology that can produce high-efficiency stem cell therapeutics by isolating and culturing high-purity stem cells.


Currently, SCM Life Science is conducting three clinical trials. Atopic dermatitis clinical trial 2 is in progress in Korea. Phase 2a clinical trials for acute pancreatitis and phase 2 of graft-versus-host disease are also underway. graft-versus-host disease and acute pancreatitis are designated as rare drugs in the development stage, and conditional item approval is expected.


65 out of 72 patients were registered for clinical trials of atopic dermatitis. 33 out of 36 patients have completed registration for acute pancreatitis clinical trials. Acute pancreatitis is expected to be released from August to September next year and atopic dermatitis from November to December 2022.


It also delivered news about its affiliate COIMUNE. COIMUNE is scheduled to verbally announce the results of clinical trials for leukemia treatment on the 12th. Of the 21 patients, 13 recorded complete response.


COIMUNE said it will push for listing on the NASDAQ market in the first half of next year. CEO Song said, COIMUNE plans to finish Series B within the first quarter of next year.”, "The schedule is 6 months earlier than before."