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“SCM Life Science, Expectations for listing and clinical performance of affiliates next year.

On the 15th, Korea Investment & Securities expected full-scale disclosure of clinical results and technology transfer for SCM Life Science next year. The listing of U.S. affiliates on NASDAQ also reflected the value of the stake, predicting a positive stock price trend. Investment opinions and target stock prices were not presented.

Coimune, an affiliate of SCM Life Science, announced the results of phase 1 and 2a clinical trials of the same "CARCIK-CD19"-based acute lymphocytic leukemia cell therapy (CMN-005) at the American Society for Hematologic Cancer (ASH).

Co-Immune was co-founded in the United States by SCM Life Science and Genexine. SCM Life Science owns a 26.8% stake in Coimune.


Clinical trials confirmed complete response in 13 out of 21 (61.9%) patients. COIMUNE plans to push for listing in the second half of next year when attracting investment in Series B is completed in the first quarter of next year. It is explained that it is about six months ahead of the existing listing plan in 2023.


Allogene and Sana, which are currently developing allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) treatments, have market caps of $2 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively. Through this clinical result, it is expected that Coimune will be recognized for its high value if it is listed. Researcher Chung Song-hoon said, "The value of Coimune's stake held by SCM Life Science will also draw attention."


Next year, two domestic clinical results will also be released. The goal is to release the results of phase 2a clinical trials of acute pancreatitis treatments designated as rare drugs in the third quarter of next year, and then proceed with phase 2b and release them in Korea in 2025.


Moderate to Severe Atopic Drmatitis medicine is expected to complete the recruitment of patients for phase 2 this year and release the results in the fourth quarter of next year. If the domestic clinical results are positive, the company plan to proceed with technology transfer. In addition, it is preparing for clinical trials in the US, and plans to get phase 2 approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the middle of next year.