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[IR] On September 28th, SCM Lifescience Inc. held an ‘online company briefing session’

SCM Lifescience Inc. would like to hold an ‘online company briefing session’ as follows.

1. Subject : Moderate-Severe Acute Pancreatitis Phase 2a Clinical Results and Q&A

2. Date: September 28, 2022

3. Time: 2:00 pm (to be held within 1 hour)

4. Participants: Institutional investors, analysts, individual investors, and shareholders of SCM Life science

5. How to participate: You can participate through the 'ZOOM webinar SCM Lifescience Inc. online company briefing registration registration' link


6. Notice:

- If you enter anonymous or inaccurate information, please confirm that participation may not be possible.

- Please confirm that it is impossible to answer questions related to matters that violate Articles 174 (prohibition of the use of undisclosed material information)

  and Article 175 (responsibility for use of undisclosed material information) of the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act.

- Please install the ZOOM application on your PC or mobile to participate in the online company briefing session.

We hope to catch your attention.

Thank You