For a better future SCM Lifescience will do its best
SCM Life Science has obtained a U.S. patent for the composition of drugs that treat immune diseases by combining mesenchymal stem cells and controlled T cells.

SCM Life Science (SCM Life Science, Kosdaq 298060, CEO Lee Byung-gun), a development company specializing in cell therapy, announced on the 21st that it has obtained a U.S. patent for pharmaceutical compositions that can be used to prevent and treat immune diseases by inducing the cmesenchymal stem cell and regulatory T cells. 


The patented pharmaceutical composition is mesenchymal stem cells over-expressed icosl (incible costimulatory ligand). When an immune response occurs in the body, a protein called icosl is overexpressed in mesenchymal stem cells. At the same time, the expression of icos protein, a receptor that binds to icosl, increases on the surface of regulated t cells that perform immunosuppressive functions in the body. Regulating T cells perform the function of regulating the immune response of T cells, which are representative immune cells in the body. Increased interaction between mesenchymal stem cells and regulated T cells through the binding of ICOSL and ICOS receptors promotes cytokine secretion called IL-10 from regulated T cells, effectively regulating the immune response of abnormally increased CD4+ T cells.


Mesenchymal stem cells overexpressed with ICOSL in these mechanisms can be used to treat various inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. This patent can be used to treat a variety of autoimmune diseases, including ▲ rheumatoid arthritis ▲ circular alopecia ▲ colitis ▲ ulcerative colitis ▲ insulin-dependent childhood diabetes by pancreatic cell antibodies ▲ psoriasis ▲ multiple sclerosis ▲ fibrous tissue ▲ lupus.


The patent has already been registered in countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Australia, and Russia. The registration of U.S. patents is significant in that it has become a technical and legal basis for SCM Life Science' R&D in the U.S. and entry into the market.


SCM Life Science recently signed a license agreement with Allive Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, a U.S. bio-venture, for a treatment for pancreatic beta-cell diabetes derived from iPSC, and invested in the development of muscle disease treatments using rare muscle cells.


Through this U.S. patent registration, SCM Life Science can secure core intellectual property rights for global commercialization as a specialized cell therapy development company.