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SCM Life Science, Patent registration for a composition for enhancing stem cell function.

SCM Life Science (SCM Life Science. KOSDAQ 298060, CEO Lee Byung-gun), a company specializing in cell therapy, announced on the 17th that a patent for a composition for enhancing the function of stem cells has been registered. The patent is highly anticipated as a very useful technology that can be used to develop next-generation stem cell therapies as a way to increase the efficacy of treatments by strengthening their functions before injecting stem cells for disease treatment purposes. 


The "pcMSC1" composition registered as a patent for SCM Life Science is a culture medium containing specific ingredients. Through experiments, SCM Life Science confirmed that the ability of stem cells to control immunity and inflammation is improved when stem cells are cultured in cultures containing IL-1( (Interleukin 1 beta), IFN- ( (interferon alpha), and vitamin B6. The secretion of IFN-y, an inflammatory cytokine, was significantly suppressed in the culture solution. In addition, it was confirmed that the culture induces an increase in indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) expression, a representative factor of inflammation and immunomodulation with the property of inhibiting activated T cells, and induces an increase in indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (ICOSL). These functions are expected to be used in various fields of treatment for various immune diseases.


If cytokines, which are immunomodulatory substances, and T cells, which are immune cells, work excessively, the immune response can cause an autoimmune reaction that attacks one's normal cells, not viruses or antigens. The patented composition can be used in various fields of autoimmune disease treatment as it can control such autoimmune reactions.


The patent claim filed this time contained information that function-enhancing stem cells could be used for treatment. Cron's disease ▲ erythema ▲ Atopy ▲ rheumatoid arthritis ▲ Hashimoto thyroiditis ▲ pernicious anemia ▲ Edison's disease ▲ Type 1 diabetes ▲ lupus ▲ chronic fatigue syndrome ▲ Fibromyalgia ▲ hypothyroidism ▲ hyperthyroidism ▲ systemic sclerosis ▲ Behcet's disease ▲ flammatory bowel disease ▲ Multiple Sclerosis ▲ Myasthenia gravis ▲Meniere's syndrome ▲Guilian-Barre syndrome ▲Sjogren's syndrome ▲ Vitiligo ▲ endometriosis ▲ psoriasis ▲ Vitiligo ▲ systemic sclerosis ▲ asthma ▲ ulcerative colitis. This means that it can be applied to the treatment of various immune diseases.


Patents for composition for strengthening stem cell function registered in Korea are currently applying for PCT, an international patent cooperation treaty, and are scheduled to apply for patents to major overseas countries next year. With the registration of patents in Korea this time, it will occupy a position that can be advantageously applied to overseas expansion. The patent duration is until 2040.