For a better future SCM Lifescience will do its best
2021 Korea Bio Investment Conference Presentation Materials


Song Sun Uk, the new CEO, announced this at the 2021 Korea Bio Investment Conference.


Everything other than the data presented by SCM Life Sciences may be different from the facts.

Please do not immediately make investment decisions based on analytical data containing specific people's thoughts based on some facts currently discussed externally, and always ask us to check by IR mail of our company.


In addition to the information the company delivers, most of the investment decision-making materials provided as good investment information contain speculation and subjectivity.

Getting information about the information before the company announces and making investment decisions is all unfair trade.

The Financial Supervisory Service is analyzing it in real time and is also conducting investigations through unfair trade reports.


SCM Life Sciences, are taking strict measures if executives and employees who do this internally are caught.


We will do our best to ensure that investors make wise investment decisions.

Please make the right investment decision based on the attached data.


SCM Life Science.