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Stem cell therapy research
Adult stem cell therapy
  • 1st generation
    stem cells

    High purity and high efficacy using original technology stem cell therapy

  • 2nd generation
    stem cellsIntroduction of priming technology

    1st-generation stem cells stimulate the immune environment A treatment that enhances the function

  • 3rd generation
    stem cellsEfficacy gene insertion

    Stem cells have therapeutic properties A therapeutic agent with increased efficacy by inserting a gene

The development of the 1st generation stem cell therapy has been completed.
The 2nd generation has been completed in the research phase and clinical treatment is under the processing.
The research of the 3rd generation is being carried out.

Induced pluripotent stem cell-derived therapeutics
Derived from induced pluripotent stem cells pancreatic beta cells
Derived from induced pluripotent stem cells muscle cells

The development of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived pancreatic beta-cell treatment is being conducted in cooperation with Allele Biotechnology in the United States, and the development of muscle cell treatment is participating in the U.S. Vita Therapeutics as an equity investment.

Research on tissue engineering therapeutics
조직공학 치료제 연구 이미지1

Source: Dr. Teruo Okano, CSTEC at the University of Utah

조직공학 치료제 연구 이미지2

Using a temperature-sensitive polymer, the stem cells are made in the form of a sheet,
A therapeutic agent that is attached to organs or tissues to exert anti-fibrotic properties

CoImmune Immune cell therapy research
면역세포 치료제 연구 이미지1
mRNA-based dendritic cell anticancer vaccine

Differentiate the patient's immune cells into dendritic cells, and extract them from the patient's cancer tissue.
A therapeutic agent made by inserting the isolated mRNA and CD40L mRNA

면역세포 치료제 연구 이미지2

(Pievani et al, Blood, 2011)

CAR-CIK immune cell therapy

A treatment made by inserting the Chimera Antigen Receptor (CAR) gene into Cytokine Induced Killer (CIK) made by stimulating cord blood-derived immune cells with cytokines