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Core Technology
Subfractionation Culturing Method

SCM Lifesciences can isolate and culture high-purity stem cell lines using its original source technology, the Subfractionation Culturing Method.

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Core Competency
High-purity stem cell line
library construction process
Efficacy and disease-specific
stem cell line selection process
  1. 01
    Single colony isolation
    Obtained through the Subfractionation Culturing Method single colony isolation process
  2. 02
    Single colony-derived cell culture and characterization
    • Cell size / density
    • Proliferative capacity
    • Differentiation ability
    • Marker expression
    • Immune regulation ability
  3. 03
    High-potency cell line selection process
    Efficacy indicator expression confirmation
  4. 04
    Disease-specific stem cell line selection process
    Perform disease-specific by pre-clinical efficacy evaluation using both animal and cell models
Competitive Advantage
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Compared to conventional gradient centrifugation-derived stem cells (GCM-MSC) Stem cells derived from the Subfractionation Culturing Method (SCM-cMSC) High cell density dispersion
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separated by conventional gradient centrifugation (GCM-MSC) Separated from adult stem cells by a Subfractionation Culturing Method The ability to form a cell group of adult stem cells is more than 5 times higher
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Compared to conventional gradient centrifugation-derived stem cells (GCM-MSC) Subfractionation Culturing Method-derived stem cells (SCM-cMSC) Excellent disease treatment efficacy (eg atopic dermatitis)